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Your Story is Your Competitive Advantage

(But Only If You’re Telling It)

Let’s be real — how you look online probably doesn’t refelct how good you are. Our guess is your team is more dynamic, your company more creative and solutions better executed than you let on.

The stories we tell shape the reality around us — they determine the kind of work we get and the people we attract. 

We can’t help you with being great at what you do. That would be up to you, friend. What we can help you do, is tell a better story than the one you’re telling. One that makes clients and talent lean in and say to themselves “I want more of that”. One that’s better than your competition.

If you’re a business of purpose already living a great story, we want to help you share that story. It’s what we do.

Client: Cornerstone General Contractrors

Challenge: Brand & Recruitment

Solution: Brand Video

$400M in new business in six months is a fantastic problem to have. As a result of their crazy growth, Cornerstone needed to hire and build out their brand. They wanted a campaign to speak to their culture of craftsmanship and hard work to attract the right people to join their team.

“For me, it’s about results at the end of the day, and that’s why we keep coming back to Flannel Media.”

Dave Flynn

President, Cornerstone General Contractors

Client: BAI 

Challenge: Brand & Recruitment

Solution: Brand Video

Each additional staff member at BAI adds over $100,000 to the bottom line and their work opportunities outpaced their hiring. BAI had done essentially no marketing in the past — we were tasked with defining what their brand is, what it stands for, and communicating that to potential employees in the form of a brand video. 

BAI owners are really thrilled with the finished product… We had some pretty clear objectives and we hit it out of the park, thanks to Taylor and his team making that product what we hoped for and desired.
Jeff Ten Pas

Vice President, BAI Environmental Services

How We Make The Magic

Step #1 – Gain Perspective

It’s impossible to read the label when you’re standing inside the bottle. We bring our outside perspective to your business to identify what makes your business unique.

Step #2 – Determine Strategy

Strategy is how you allocate limited resources to unlimited options i.e., bang for your buck. We determine the best way to allocate resources to achieve your goals.

Step #3 – Expert Execution

Plans are pointless without action. We get it done and do it right.

What We Do

Brand Identity

Everything starts with your brand identity. We’re not talking about the corporate BS of mission & vision statements — we’re talking about the authentic expression of why your company exists.

Video Production

We craft branded video content that captures your unique story you can show your culture, attract talent, and win work.


We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to craft marketing campaigns and messaging that resonates.

Our Clients

We can’t guarantee you’ll love working with us, but these folks did.

“I would absolutely recommend them. They are professional, good communicators, and a joy to work with”.

Peter Kingma

Production Manager, West Coast Homes

“Flannel prepares well for your engagement, immediately puts the team at ease and makes the process of videography painless while delivering a polished final product. I strongly recommend Flannel Media”.
Robb Andrade

Managing Director, Overcast Innovations

“We consider Taylor a part of the team… They are going to tell your story the way you want it to be told”.

Melissa Castor

Director of Field Operations, Cornerstone General Contractors

For me, it’s about results at the end of the day, and that’s why we keep coming back to Flannel Media.”

Dave Flynn

President, Cornerstone General Contractors

“If you’re looking for someone to grow your business — to get it off the ground, or take it to the next level, Flannel Media can do that for you.”

Kris Smith

Director of Installation, Sejant Northwest

[Flannel Media] did a great job creating a very thoughtful video portraying who we are and what we are about. Look forward to doing more work with him in the future, they have some amazing talent!
Ben Faber

President, Faber Construction

“We had a great experience working with the team at Flannel Media. For starters, they are good listeners. They asked great questions. And when it came to the key points of our project, they “got it.” It’s amazing how much more effective (and enjoyable) a big project can be when the players take time to understand each other.”
Maureen McCarthy

Director of Community Relations, Whatcom Transportation Authority

Let’s Talk.

The first step isn’t a sales pitch (we hate that as much as you). It’s a conversation to see if you’re a good fit for us, and we’re a good fit for you. Whether you are or aren’t, we’ll let you know. We refuse to waste your time or ours. Plus, we genuinely like peole.

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