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About Flannel Media

We’re all about freedom, and we define freedom as a function of the options you have. Our mission is to grow your brand to increase your options. We do it by uncovering what makes you unique and using it to create and execute a custom brand & marketing strategy.

This is how you create an insurmountable competitive advantage.

How It Works

Step #1 – Gain Perspective

It’s impossible to read the label when you’re standing inside the bottle. We bring our outside perspective to your business to identify what makes your business unique.

Step #2 – Determine Strategy

Strategy is how you allocate limited resources to unlimited options i.e., bang for your buck. We determine the best way to allocate resources to achieve your goals.

Step #3 – Expert Execution

Plans are pointless without action. We get it done and do it right.

Client Spotlight: Cornerstone General Contractors

Recruitment & Brand Building

$400M in new business in six months is a fantastic problem to have. As a result of their crazy growth, Cornerstone needed to hire and build out their brand. They wanted a campaign to speak to their culture of craftsmanship and hard work to attract the right people to join their team.

What Our Clients Say

“It was very important to us, if we were going to tell our story it had to do be done absolutely the right way. There was no margin for error. It was critical that first encounter with Cornerstone be told the right way. It was really powerful how it was put together, and we couldn’t be happier with it.

For me, it’s about results at the end of the day, and that’s why we keep coming back to Flannel Media.”

Dave Flynn

President at Cornerstone General Contractors

“If you’re looking for someone to grow your business — to get it off the ground, or take it to the next level, Flannel Media can do that for you.”

Kris Smith

Director of Installation at Sejant Northwest

“You have to market your values, your product, what you do and how you do it. I think this is a very effective way to do that. Flannel Media is professional, have great communication, and are a joy to work with”

Peter Kingma

Production Manager at West Coast Homes

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