About Us

Want Slick Marketers? We Aren’t Your Type.

However, if you’re looking for a team dedicated to exploring truth, pushing boundaries, and having a damn good time doing it, then you may have found just what you’re searching for.

We take our work serously, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. (Check out the video if you don’t believe it). 

Drop us a line. We genuinely like people, and would love to hear from you.

“It’s impossible to read the label when you’re standing inside the bottle”

The Team

At Flannel Media, our founding ideal is freedom. As a creative, being tied to one employer isn’t very free if you ask us. So instead, we’ve decided to build a network of collaborators.

Taylor Rubart

Principal & Lead Strategist

Spencer Astra

Director of Photography

Liz Astra

Lead Editor

Brian Petilla


Michael Dyrland

Drone Videographer

Evan Pollock

Director of Photography

Victory Ralston

Production Designer

Walter Rubart

Team Mascot

What We Believe

We believe when strategy meets story, great things can happen.


To tell authentic stories that provide more freedom to business owners and employees.


In a frenetic world, we seek to create authentic human connection by telling stories about the businesses, people, and the work they do.



01. Freedom – To try new things, to create, to make mistakes & learn.

02. Authenticity – Be real. Life is too short for posturing and posing.

03. Have Fun – We’ve got one shot at this beautiful and precious life — let’s have some fun while we’re at it.

04. Hard Conversations – That conversation you know you should have? Have it. All are better off on the other side.

05. Creativity – Us humans are creative beings. We get to take part in creating something from nothing. What a gift.

06. Growth Mindset – Continued learning, exploring, pushing, trying, bettering.

07. Discomfort – It’s easier to stay the same. It’s uncomfortable to get better. We choose embrace discomfort.

08. Love Others – Treat others with kindness, respect, and dignity. We’re all doing our best, and no one has it all figured out.