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Brio Laundry

Goal: To create a number of videos — some customer facing, to educate people on how to use the washers, and get the most out of their experience at Brio Laundry. 

The second goal was to create a few training videos for the employees of Brio Laundry, so the owner Colleen isn’t using her valuable time training new hires. This way, she can simply give them the video to watch if they are a new hire or just need a refresher. 

Strategy: Pick the most common problems people had at Brio and create an explainer video for each problem. Similarly, we created videos for employees on techniques that they frequently needed refreshers on. 

Results: The videos have been a success — both the customer facing videos as well as the employee training videos. But don’t take it from us, see what Colleen the owner has to say below: 

Client Testimonial

Colleen Unema | CEO, Brio Laundry

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