Media Creation for The Construction Industry

We create campaigns to show off your team, culture, and work so you can get more projects.

Show Your Work

So much time, money, and effort goes into each proejct. We help you show it off so you can get the next project.

Build Your Team

Through our branding efforts, we help you attract and retain employees who love what they do.

Grow Your Company

Through the use of strategic media, we help you grow your company by showing people what you can do.

Is The Way You’re Perceived Holding You Back?

If you’re like most general contractors, you’re so focused on your current projects that your marketing gets neglected, hurting your perception in the marketplace. It means missed opportunities to show your capabilities, attract the best tallent, and get new clients.

People don’t see the work you do — they only see the work you show (and cell phone pictures aren’t going to cut it in today’s media landscape).

We come alongside general contractors to take the burden off their plates, and make sure the quality of their media matches the quality of their work.


1. Conversation

First, we have a conversation to make sure you’re a good fit for us, and we’re a good fit for you. If we determine it’s a good fit for both parties, we move on to Step 2.

2. Strategy

It’s critical we understand your brand, your marketing, and what success means to you. We take the time to understand your brand and collaborate to acheive your marketing goals.

3. Production

We put the plan into motion, capturing the essence of your brand and message, so you can connect with your audience authentically and be seen as an authority.

4. Distribution

Hopes and dreams have their place — but not in your marketing. We help you create and implement a distribution strategy so your videos get seen and have real, tangible impact.

What Our Clients Say:

“Before working with Flannel Media, our company was nondescript, unfocused, and difficult for our potential customers to identify exactly what we do. We gained clarity, focus, and have become easily understood by our potential clients. They created a focus and purpose that was greatly lacking.

The Flannel Media team are constantly coming up with new ways to put our company in front of those who may need our services. If you need help with branding or marketing your company I would strongly recommend Flannel Media. You will not be disappointed!”

– Kris Smith, Owner at Sejant Northwest

Why You Should Care

Improved Perception

When people think of you, you want them to think of your latest project, not one from 10 years ago.

Increased Brand Awareness

We provide marketing materials that look as good as your work — so you can increase brand awareness.

Get More Projects

We help you and your work get noticed. When you get noticed, you and your team get hired more often.

Show Off Your Work

If you don’t show it, it doesn’t exist. Your customers want to see your work — we help them see it in the best light.

Off Your Teams Plate

Your team has 101 things they’re already doing. We take over the content creation responsabilities so they can focus on other more important jobs. 

Done Right

Focus on what you’re good at, and we’ll focus on what we’re good at — making you and your team look great. We’ll get it done right. 

Employee Retention & Recruitment

People judge the quality of your work on the quality of your marketing — we help to make sure perception matches reality.

Keep Your Marketing Fresh

Marketing is an ongoing process — we know it can be hard to generate content. We do it for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Show Use Of Technology

People judge the quality of your work on the quality of your marketing — we help to make sure perception matches reality.

Recent Work

The Challenge:

Faber Construction is a general contractor in Whatcom County, Washington. Faber has been around for over 25 years, and is looking to expand into other markets. They needed a video to show who they are, what they value, and what they stand for. 

The Solution: 

We discussed what story would be the most powerful to tell with the Faber leadership team. In order to show where Faber has been, and where it’s going, we used interview footage from Rick Faber, the founder as well as the current leadership. 

We selected projects that would most closely resemble the mix of work Faber takes on — public, private, and civil. It was important to showcase all of Faber Constructions capabilities so potential clients could see the scope of their experience and expertise. 


We hate complicated pricing models. That’s why we make it simple and affordable, no matter the size of your company.

Our minimum level of engagement on an anual basis is $40,000.

Project Package

What’s Included:

  • Site visits
    • 4 site visits throughout the project
  •  Photography
    • Ground photography
    • Drone photography
    • Staff / employee photography
  • Video
    • Drone & ground videography
    • Before & after video
    • 3 minute video recap of project
    • 10 social media clips
    • Testimonial interview with owner
    • Content library – A library of clips stored for future use 
  • Case Study
    • We create a custom case study for the project, that you can use at conferences, in RFP’s, and in proof of work.

Total Investment: .04% of project cost

Brand Package

What’s Included:

  • Brand 
    • Brand audit & report 
    • Branding workshop  
    • Creation of media strategy 
  • Video 
    • Brand Video – What your company is, what you stand for, the kind of work you do 
    • Process Video – What it looks like when someone engages with you 
    • Testimonial Videos – Three testimonial videos from past clients 
    • 20 social media clips
    • Content library – A library of clips stored for future use 
  • Photo 
    • Team photos
    • Leadership photos 
    • Capabilities photos 
    • Work photos (ground & drone) 
  • Distribution strategy workshop 

Total Investment: .05% of yearly gross revenue