Ferndale Heritage Society

Ferndale Heritage Society

Goal: To create a 20 minute doccumentry style walk through of all the historical cabins that are at Pioneer Park, maintained by the Ferndale Heritage Society. They wanted to have a film of all the cabins for those with mobility issues, as well as capture the wealth of knowledge Fred Sutcliffe posesses. 

Strategy: Get footage of all the cabins, and let Fred talk — we ended up with so many more stories and interesting topics than if we had simply stuck to the script. 

Results: The park was so happy with the end result, they had us create DVD’s so they could sell them at their gift shop. After they sold out of the DVD’s, we created more. We had such a fun time talking with Fred and capturing this unique story. 

Client Testimonial

Linda Harkleroad

Vice President, Ferndale Heritage Society

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