Ferndale Grocery Outlet


Larry Brown, owner of Ferndale Grocery Outlet approached us looking to create a marketing asset he could use to show the community what Grocery Outlet stands for. 


We brainstormed ways in which Grocery Ouetlet is different from your typical grocery store, and chose to highlight those aspects through our video. Not only that, but relate it back to how their differences benifit the customers and greater community they serve. Larry and his wife Beth are huge contributers to the Ferndale community as a whole, and we wanted to demonstrate that. 


The video as of this writing has incredible organic reach — it’s been viewed over 3000 times, with 150 interactions and 35 comments. They plan to continue to use this to share their intentions and hopes for the community they serve. 

Client Testimonial

Larry Brown | Owner

I wanted to show our city who we are at Ferndale Grocery Outlet — we’re more than a grocery store, because we love and care about our customers. Flannel Media was able to communicate that through their video. If you’re looking for a team of people to understand your vision and make it a reality, talk to the folks at Flannel Media. Thanks to Taylor and the rest of the team.”

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