How General Contractors Can Use Video To Accelerate Growth 

How General Contractors Can Use Video To Accelerate Growth 

If you’re a General Contractor, you need to be using video to market your firm. Video builds confidence, is great for SEO, showcases your abilities in a unique way, and engages people in a way no other marketing can. But how do you use video to not only show your work, but boost your bottom line?

Here are 5 ways General Contractors can use video to accelerate growth: 

1. Use Video To Stand Out From Your Competition

Most contractors don’t have any video content — which means an opportunity for your company. If you’re being compared to three other General Contractors, and you’re the only firm that has a video showcasing your company and capabilities, you automatically stand out and are remembered. You have the opportunity to make the case for why you’re the best fit, in a compelling, engaging way. 

2. Showcase Projects

The phrase “you’re only as good as your last project” applies. General contractors can use video to showcase their methodology, their approach, and the way they collaborate with their clients. The bottom line is a critical factor to owners, but it’s not the only consideration. 

Owners care about: 

  • Overall ease of experience 
  • Ease of communication & updates
  • Use of technology to get them a better return
  • Sustainability and materials used 
  • Reputation of your firm, past successful projects 
  • Safety measures your firm has in place 
  • Quality of the end product 

3. Attract Talent 

“Our employees are our most important resource” sounds like corporate BS, but often, it’s true. You likely invest millions of dollars into your people each year in the form of salaries, benefits, retirement plans, training, ongoing education, etc. and you want to hire and keep the best people. By creating video content that showcases your company, the culture, the opportunities for advancement, you attract great people. And great people help you build your business. The first step is to treat peopl well — the second step is to tell people about it. 

4. Attract Likeminded Clients

When you create video content, you’re able to infuse it with your values. This does two things — it attracts the kinds of clients that share those values, and even more importantly, it makes bad fit clients look elsewhere.

For Example:

Let’s say one of your values is quality. You want to attract clients that have a similar outlook, and want a quality partner to work with them. If a client is looking to get the job done in as little time as possible, it’s likely you wouldn’t be a good fit. Speed and quality (not to mention safety) often don’t mix. This saves you time and money by talking with only the most qualified prospects.

5. FAQ’s

During a consultation, you probably answer the same 15 questions every time. Save your team time by creating video resources you can point clients to. This could come in the form of a pre-meeting email, where you ask the client to review the videos you sent over. This is a chance to showcase your expertise and save time. 

The other advantage is an opportunity to build trust. Potential clients have a chance to become familiar with the your firm before you meet face to face. It’s hard to overstate the importance of this. If you do this well, you’ll have a huge advantage over your competition. 


Video marketing and communication is one of the best ways to accelerate growth for general contractors. It’s an especially compelling technique for this sector, because so few are doing it. Other industries have caught on, but there’s still big opportunity for those willing to step ever so slightly outside the box.

Video Examples

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