Illuminate North West

Goal: To fill 350 seats at a leadership conference

Strategy: Since this was a new conference, we decided to emphasise the individual speakers, and the leadership messages they had to share. We captured a number of business leaders within the community, and crafted the message to resonate with the potential attendee. We especially promoted the idea of community and practicle, actionable advice, since at times actionable advice is lacking at these kinds of conferences. We insured this conference stood out among the rest. 

Results: The conference sold out, and many of the atendees said the video made them interested to find out more. There has even been interest from business leaders in other states, looking to put on a similar conference. 

Client Testimonial

Tony Larson | President, Whatcom Business Alliance

“Video was a very big part of our event. Without it, it wouldn’t have been as successful as it was. We got feedback from the 380 people at the event and they were blown away — video was a big piece of that.

We were looking for someone who understood our vision, what we wanted to communicate, and a team that could do that in the best way possible. Flannel Media did that. We were really happy with the end product — it was exactly what we were looking for.

We’ve actually had people from out of the area that heard about the event and they saw the promotional video, and it gave them the perception in their minds that this was a really high class event.

I highly recommend Taylor and the rest of the Flannel Media team.”

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