JD Elite Fitness

Goal: To create a series of videos to be used for their website, google listing, and social media marketing campagins.

Strategy: Create videos dispelling myths about gyms — everyone has a pre-concevied notion of what a gym is, and we wanted to show how unique and different JD Elite Fitness is from any other gym.

Results: JD Elite Fitness used our video to launch a marketing campaign promoting a free week at their gym. They did one week without our ad, and one week with our ad.

They spent half the money using our ad, and got double the results.

Here were the stats:

BEFORE using our video ad:

  • Ad budget: $150
  • Run time: 10 days
  • Link clicks: 72
  • Reach: 3,850
  • Impressions: 7,304

Resulted in:

  • 10 new atendees to the free week
  • 3 new memberships

After using our video ad:

  • Ad budget: $75
  • Run time: 10 days
  • Link clicks: 132
  • Reach: 8,546
  • Impressions: 18,672

Resulted in:

  • 17 new atendees to the free week
  • 4 new memberships

Myth Vs. Reality

How many of us have felt like we couldn’t work out at the gym, because of those big intimidating dudes we see? That’s a myth! There are all types that work out at JD Elite Fitness, not just the big dudes (who are really nice by the way). Flannel Media helps dispel this myth with a powerful marketing video.

Jensen — Testimonial #1

Jensen shares his experience working out at JD Elite Fitness, increasing the social trust of those considering joining the gym. 

Amanda — Testimonial #2

Amanda shares with us her experience at JD Elite Fitness, again, helping to build social trust that is so critical in an age where we need to trust those we do business with. Our testimonials are authentic, real, and never scripted.

Ashley — Testimonial #3

Good things come in three’s, and the testimonials are no acception. By providing potential customers with three authentic and real testimonials, they get a sense for your business. 

Client Testimonial

Jacob Stevenson | Owner, JD Elite Fitness

“We contacted Flannel Media with a rough idea of a promotional video we wanted to create. After a brief discussion and not much substance provided, Taylor came to us with a proposal that completely incorporated everything we were hoping to achieve.

Working with Taylor and his team was smooth from the beginning. Their communication was incredible and everything was very detailed / thorough from the story board to the shoot itself.

Reviewing and providing feedback on the final product was easy and we are thrilled with that final product we received. We highly recommend Taylor and his team!”

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