John Hawkins

This video created to show John’s authenticity as an executive coach.

This video was created to re-target people who have viewed one of the first two videos that we created. This video is being used as a part of an active marketing funnel.

This video was all about John’s authenticity — he isn’t like other executive coaches with the fancy cars and big houses — he’s about results. 

John Hawkins

Goal: To communicate to CEO’s of 1 – 5 million dollar companies that John Hawkins is the executive coach that can help them take their business to the next leve.

Strategy: We created three videos: 

1. Credibility – We position him as THE coach for young entrepreneurs doing 1-10 million in revenue, but feel like they are drowning.

2. Authenticity – We created this video to show that John is not your typical coach — he’s been through hell and back, and has a unique perspective as a result. 

3. Re-targeting – This video is used to re-target prospects who didn’t book a call with John, but watched one of the other two videos. 

Results: John and his team were thrilled with the videos — this is a campaign that is currently running.

Client Testimonial

John Hawkins | CEO at Triwise

I appreciate [Flannel Media’s] level of excellence, and their ability to exceed my exceptions was phenomenal, and I know I’ll use them again.

– John Hawkins, CEO / Founder

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