Engage your audience, wherever they are

What’s LiveStreaming?

LiveStreaming allows you to connect directly with your audience, wherever they happen to be. The popularity of LiveStreaming took off with the emergence of Covid, understandably. We’re proud to be able to support businesses and non profits with our studio level live streaming capabilities. 

Our Past LiveStreams

Brigid Collins

Whatcom Council of Aging

How It Works


Preparation is the most important step for a successful event. We like to have every detail planned out far in advance to give us the best shot for an event with as few hiccups as possible.

Run Through

We perform a run through two weeks before the event is scheduled. This allows us to identify anything that may need to be changed before the show takes place. 


Our team will show up at least 5 hours before the event is slated to begin, and run through everything one more time, testing and making sure everything is set up correctly, and everyone knows what they’re doing. Then, we broadcast live! 

What’s My Investment?

What would it cost you if you didn’t hold your event?

We typically see an ROI of 10x or more for our clients. We take pride in helping our clients get a return on their investment. 

Packages Start At 2995.