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Moles Farewell Tributes


John Moles of Moles Farewell Tributes contacted us, wanting to create engaging video content for marketing purposes — to demonstrate to people their high level of care, and how they go above and beyond at Moles. 

They also wanted to create ongoing video content to help with SEO. 


We discussed the need first, for a company overview video. One which will be a cornerstone marketing peice, showing what Moles does and stands for. 

The second part of the strategy was creating ongoing, high quality video content. These ongoing videos are meant to highlight the areas which sets Moles apart, and show the human side behind everything they do.  


So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Client Testimonial

Brian Flowers | Funeral Director

“I represent Moles Farewell Tributes. We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence and care. Flannel Media is helping us reach more of our community by creating high quality video content that clearly demonstrates our commitment to honoring the lives, memories, and stories of those we serve.

Every step of Flannel Media’s well thought out processes and their final products consistently exceed our high expectations.

With Flannel Media we are building a library of videos that beautifully tell the story of who we are as a company. And, everyone at Flannel Media is an absolute delight to work with. They have my highest recommendation.”

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