Morris Floors & Interiors

Morris Floors & Interiors

Goal: Morris Floors & Interiors approached us wanting to create a marketing video to promote their grand opening in Ferndale to generate buzz and excitement in order to drive sales.

Strategy: Create a fun video to show not only what they do, but the kind of business they are — they guide the customer through the entire process. In addition, we ran a social media campaign for them to make sure the video got seen by the right people.

Results: We saw explosive growth in their social presence:

Organic Video (without ads)

  • Total Reach: 8,923
  • Engagements: 1,101
  • Shares: 74

Video (with ads)

  • Total Reach: 30,233
  • Impressions: 50,623

Facebook Page

  • New Page Likes: 34, up 467%
  • People Reached: 35,996, up 2,838%
  • Post Engagements: 1,528, up 899%

Client Testimonial

Brandon Morris | Owner, Morris Floors & Interiors

“What I was looking for was a video company to show Ferndale and Whatcom County all that we have to offer.

I felt more confident and comfortable with Flannel media because I felt like they would have the attention of detail needed to get the job done right.

I was really pleased with the end result of the video, and I think they excelled on the short amount of time had to produce.

I would definitely recommend Flannel Media to another company. My recommendation would be because of their structure and professionalism. I’ve reached out to four or five other video companies over the past few months, and no one has shown the same structure and level of professionalism that Flannel Media has shown. When you go with Flannel Media, you know what you’re getting from the get go. That’s why they get my recommendation.”

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