Process, How We Work & Pricing

Here’s What To Expect If We Work Together

Phase 1 – TBA Workshop

It all starts with developing understanding and perspective. We call it our TBA (Total Brand Audit) workshop. 

  • Understanding – If we don’t have a clear idea on where you’re trying to go and what you’re trying to achieve, there’s no way we can help you get there. We meet with your leadership team, key stakeholders, etc. to fully understand your situation and develop a perspective on it.
  • Perspective – “It’s incredibly hard to read the label when you’re standing inside the bottle”. One of the main assets we bring to the table is our outside perspective. You live in your business every day — we see things differently and can help you get clarity that would otherwise be hard to achieve.

We believe the only way to get better answers is by asking better questions.

Phase 2 – Roadmap & Strategy

Once we know where you’re trying to go, we develop a plan for how to get you there. The roadmap is a document we develop after our workshop. It’s a document we’ll return to again and again, as it’s the plan we’ll follow throughout the remainder of the engagement.

The strategy part? Strategy is simply a fancy word for prioritizing. What we should do first, second, and so on. We determine this by evaluating what will get us the most bang for the buck. In other words, we start by focusing on the low hanging fruit. Low effort, high reward.

Phase 3 – Execution

The best ideas and plans are nothing without execution. As one of our favorite sayings goes: “potential means you ain’t done shit yet”.

We follow the plan we devised in the roadmap, create marketing assets, and distribute them in the real world. Often, these take the form of:

  • Brand identity
  • Messaging
  • Video content
  • Photography
  • Design

For a full list of services, click here.

After creation, we distribute it to the right people — think social media, website, email campaigns, workshops, etc.

Phase 4 – Analysis

We look at what’s working — and do more of it. We look at what isn’t working and find out why. In short, we want our marketing to be as effective as possible.

Research at the front end can only get us so far — we need to see how the campaigns are performing in the real world to see what we can do to improve.

Once we’ve collected the data, we use it to inform our decisions and reccomendations moving forward so you can get better performance the longer you work with us. 

How To Work With Us

Step #1 – Book A Fit Call

We want to make sure we’re a good fit for you, and you’re a good fit for us. We’ll get to know each other, have a chance to ask questions, and determine if you’re a good fit. If you aren’t, we’ll point ya in the right direction.

Click here to book a fit call.

Step #2 – Schedule The Workshop

If we determine we’re a good fit for one another, the next step is to schedule our TBA (Total Brand Audit) workshop. In it, we develop an understanding of where you’re trying to go, what’s holding you back, and perspective on how we can help you get there.



We get it — we scroll and head to the pricing page as soon as we hit a website too. Since “it depends” is an annoying answer, here’s some more insight.

What’s The Range?

$5,000 is our minimum engagement. We can’t be effective below that number, and we refuse to be innefective.

$60,000+ is the higher end of a yearly spend.

Much like an architect, we design custom solutions for our clients. That means we don’t have set prices and the price of our services is highly dependent on project scope.

How Do You Determine Price? 

It’s determined in one of two ways:

  1. Budget informs scope 
  2. Scope informs budget. 

Without knowing either, we can’t provide accurate pricing.

We can provide a rough estimate on a fit call once we understand what you’re trying to achieve. The call is to determine if there’s a fit between your needs and what we do.