Economic Alliance of Snohomish County

Goal: Create a video to showcase the investment EASC is making in the community so individuals and businesses can thrive. 

Strategy: In working with EASC, we decided the best way to communicate the message was to interview one of the members of EASC, as well as the leadership. This told the story of what EASC does, and why their work matters. 

Results: EASC now has a peice of video content they can distribute to their shareholders, investors, and new members. They were thrilled with the end product! 

Flannel Media captured the sentiment for our video perfectly. We were very happy with the end product and had little to no edits.

Flannel Media was very organized throughout the project, making it very easy as the client. Our video was originally going to be about a specific topic and changed the topic – they adapted efficiently and quickly to meet our vision. This level of flexibility was very much appreciated.

The day of filming was very relaxed which showed on the camera. The interview style made a very genuine production – it exceeded expectations.

Katie Leone

Community Engagement Specialist, EASC

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