Overcast Innovations

Case Study

“Flannel prepares well for your engagement, immediately puts the team at ease and makes the process of videography painless while delivering a polished final product. I strongly recommend Flannel Media”.
Robb Andrade

Managing Director, Overcast Innovations

Client: Overcast Innovations

Video Type: Process

Production Length:

  • Pre-Production: September 2023
  • Production: October 2023
  • Post Production: October 2023 – November 2023

The Challenge:

Overcast Innovations is changing the very way people interact with the built environment. Quickly establishing themselves as leaders in the modular building sector, they are reimagining ceiling panels, assembling everything in their Spokane, WA facility. It’s a way to address environmental concerns, traditional waste in construction and the labor shortage, all at once.

The problem is, architects weren’t sure where in the process Overcast engages with them and how they work with their team. As a result, they were missing out on valuable business. We created this campaign to visually explain the step by step process they can expect.

The Strategy

What better way to understand the process than to hear it from the folks who you’ll be working with? We engaged specific members of the Overcast team to help the customer understand exactly who they would be working with and what they could expect from the process.

The Process

1. Pre-Production

We took what we learned in our workshop to craft a storyboard that would guide our production so the direction of the video flowed in a conversational manner. 

For the interview clips, we determined we’d include Robb (the Managing Director), Josh (Sales Engineer) and James (the Project Manager). From the storyboard, we created questions we could ask. 

Lastly, we created a day of plan so everyone would be on the same page. 

2. Production

We prized efficiency in this shoot. We got it all done with a small crew and two days of filming. One day for interviews, and one day for b-roll capture. We used our technique of interview based questioning so the responses don’t sound scripted, but instead, authentic.

We chose our three interviews because those people are the three touch points the client will have throughout the engagement.

3. Post Production

In post, we used our storyboard as a guide but also allowed for spontaneity where it made sense. We went through three rounds of revisions, asking for and receiving input from the client. The final product is one the client can use to educate potential clients, so they understand where Overcast fits into the process.



After the video was finalized, we hosted a distribution workshop with Overcast. Distribution is critical, and is often an overlooked part of the process. We know how much time and effort is involved in video production, and we want our clients to get the most they can out of the final product.

In our hour long workshop, we:

  • Review our 28 point distribution checklist
  • Discus what went well in the process & what our team can improve upon
  • Answer any remaining questions
  • Present ideas for future video creation to further help build the Overcast brand.