Whatcom Transit Authority

The Challenge:

Whatcom Transit Authority came to us with a communication challenge. As lovers of a good challenge, we accepted. In mid 2022, Washington State allowed for youth 18 and under to ride public transit for free. Whatcom Transit Authority was tasked with finding a fun and informational way to let youth in Whatcom County know about the program. They were looking for a production team that could make it look professional, yet fun. Communicate necessary information, but in a way 18 and under youth will receive the message. 

We knew right off the bat, we couldn’t make this boring. People don’t like boring. We also knew we had to communicate clearly and effectively, since there are real safety messages we needed to get across.

The key audiences were, in order: Youth 18 and under, Operators (bus drivers), and parents. 

The Solution: 

The solution was to cover the rules of the road in a way where we didn’t take ourselves too seriously. We also opted to include local youth in the production. We reached out to BAAY (Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth) and they provided us with some excellent youth actors. 

In addition, we suggested creating four short social media length videos they could use to further promote the video. 

Lastly, we hosted our distribution workshop to discuss ways to better utilize the video. We hold this workshop with our clients to insure they get the results they’re looking for. 

The Results:

WTA loved how the video turned out, and appreciated the advice to create four short social videos from our one longer video. 

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