Lighting is a critical component of video production. When possible, we always suggest using natural light, (setting up your subject in front of a window). When that’s not possible, we’ve listed a few of our favorite lights for shooting video:

Genaray SpectroLED — Nice for constant light, and with LED, your studio or where you’re shooting won’t get hot, which is a huge bonus. 

Dracast LED180 Halo — Nice if you’re on a budget, and it will create even light, if you place your camera through the ring. 



Audio makes or breaks a video shoot — that’s why good audio is so important. We’ve listed a few of our tools we use.

Thankfully, they aren’t too expensive, and are well worth it:

Boom Stand – This can be used to get your microphone closer to your subject, which will mean better sound. 

Rode Video Micro – Small but mighty, this will give you great sound. Make sure to put the mic as close to your subject as possible, by using the boom arm listed above. 

3.5mm Extension Cord — Allows for more reach, with a 25 foot cord. 


When selecting a camera, you want to be sure it’ll do all you want it to do — we like shooting with DSLR’s because it gives us the option to switch lenses, to get a different kind of look for our shots. Here are a few cameras we suggesting looking into, if you’re thinking about getting more serious about video production:

Canon 5D Mark IV — One heck of a camera, will do it all for you. Expensive, but worth it if you’re making an investment into video 

Canon 80D — Less expensive than the Mark IV, it will still give you great video quality

Sony A6400 — One of the best lower budget mirrorless cameras out on the market. 

Sony A6300 — An older model than the a6400, the a6300 will still shoot great video, at a slightly lower cost. 

Want Coaching? 

If you want to get into video, but you aren’t sure how, or would simply like someone to coach you along the way, our team offers that. If you’re interested in someone helping you to take your teams video production to the next level, please reach out to us, and we’ll set up a time to get on a call.