Second Half Map

Goal: Jennifer Fry, executive coach turned retirement coach, wasn’t sure how to communicate her passion to her clients. Together, we drew out all the elements of what makes Second Half Map and her methods so impactful. 

Strategy: We purposfully highlighted the uncertainty that comes with retirement. This is a key selling point of what Seocond Half Map does, because people are seeking to reduce uncertainty in their lives. We also highlighted the opportunities available to people who are retired, and paint the possibilities for finding meaning after formal work is done. 

Results: Jennifer now has a central marketing peice she’s using to explain exactly what she does and who she helps. 

Client Testimonial

Jennifer Fry | Owner, Second Half Map

Working with Taylor and Flannel Media brought a huge dream to reality for me and my business. Taylor took on my video project like learning a new language – he studied it, he learned the language of my service and clients’ needs and he communicated it better than I could by the time the video was complete!

The excellence of his coaching me through the process made me feel so confident in front of the camera – and that is not easy! More importantly, it made me believe even more in the value of how and why I serve others in my business. The video is a work of art that expresses the feelings and desires I want people to have when they watch it and are inspired to act in their lives because of it.

I highly recommend Taylor and his team for anyone who wants an experience and a product that will far exceed your expectations!

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