We help you look as good as you are. 

What’s Flannel Media? 

Great question (and good to meet you).

At our core, we’re all about showing the magic that’s already there —  when people “get it” — your story, your mission, that leads to opportunities. More opportunities leads to more freedom. And freedom is what we’re all about.

How your company is perceived is critical in attracting both clients and talent. Our expertise lies in refining your message and crafting compelling marketing content that resonate deeply and create impact.

Oh, and fair warning: we like having fun. If you’re looking for stuffy folks in suits, that ain’t us. We’ll show up in flannels (branding at work!) ready to have a good time and make something great together.

If that sounds like you, what are you waiting for?

Ways To Work Together

Three offerings to make you look as good as you are.

Total Brand Audit

“You can’t read the label if you’re standing inside the bottle”

Brand Video

Win new business. Attract stellar talent. Invest in your brand image.

Social Video

We’re 99% sure you’re juggling too much. Let us handle content creation.

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