About Taylor

Taylor Rubart is the principal at Flannel Media, a branding and creative agency that helps business leaders leverage storytelling to win work and attract talent. Since 2017, he’s worked with a range of businesses, from small mom and pop shops to $500 million a year national organizations.

He lives in Bellingham, Washington with his wife and son, mountain bikes whenever possible, and feels most at home outside.


Upcoming Talks

Brand Storytelling & Recruitment

The AEC industry is facing a crisis — not only is there an increasing need for new building, but a shortage of workers which will be hastened by mass retirement. By 2030, it’s estimated 40% of the workforce will retire. In this talk, Taylor outlines how visionary companies are adapting, by treating themselves more like brands. By using story as the cornerstone of their marketing, they attract top talent, clients, and collaborators. Taylor covers what employees are looking for in work, the critical role story has to play, and how it can be leveraged to create sustainable growth.

When: October 25, 7:30am

Where: Bellingham Country Club

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Please direct speaking inquiries to [email protected]

Taylor’s ability to take a topic and explain it in a relatable way, allowed audience members to feel comfortable participating, allowing for group discussion and development. Taylor is professional and approachable, an important balance of skills, making him a captivating and relevant speaker.

Megan Juenemann

Executive Director, Ferndale Chamber of Commerce