What We Do

We’re a full service video production + strategy agency. We help our clients create videos to help them stand out in a noisy and crowded world. Here’s an overview of what we do (and what the heck all that means).

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re trying to increase sales, change your brands perception, educate, or recruit talent, it always comes down to your message. Does it resonate? Does it stand out? We come alongside your team to evaluate your current marketing, messaging, and think creatively about how your brand can reach people.

TLDR: We make your message sound good. 

Video Production

Authentic connection isn’t created through numbers — it’s created through stories. We help brands create strategy around their video marketing efforts so they can differentiate themselves, grow, and have fun doing it. We handle all aspects of prouction — pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution.  

TLDR: Video is where it’s at — we make videos to grow your brand. 

In House Content

Professional video has a place in a solid marketing strategy — but it shouldn’t be the only kind of content your team is producing. We use our outside perspective and expertise in video creation to assist your team with ideas, concepts, production, and content distribution.

TLDR: We show you how to DIY. 

Types of Video


A brand video is quite simply, the story of your brand. Why it exists, who it serves, and what it stands for. In other words, the heart of your company. Often, brand videos are the first impression people have with your company. People care deeply about who they are doing business with. It’s a chance to show customers what you stand for and why it matters. After you do that, people will listen when you talk about what you do. 

At Flannel Media, we view brand videos as one of the core marketing videos you should produce. It becomes a pillar of your marketing for years to come. 

Examples: Cornerstone GCI, Barlean’s


Culture videos (typically used internally) are videos aimed at boosting employee morale, reminding people why they work for your company and what they are accomplishing as a team. 

Since these videos are used internally, they are often pretty wacky and out there. Have we produced these types of videos? Yes. Have our clients asked us to keep them off the internet? Also yes. (Please know we have a hell of a time producing these).

Example: Wistia


Finding the right people for your business — those that share your values and culture — is critical to your long term success. Hiring someone who isn’t a good fit can cost you hundreds of thousands in salary + training + missed opportunities. 

In recruitment films, we show what your brand is and what it stands for. Values, culture, beliefs. The goal is to attract the right talent and repel people who wouldn’t be a good fit.

Examples: Cornerstone GCI

Public Service

Public service videos highlight programs the public would benefit from knowing about. These are often geared towards specific communities or audiences. 

We work with our clients to craft messaging and images that will resonate with those they want to reach.

Example: Whatcom Transit Authority

Project Highlight

Project highlight videos show the kind of work your firm is capable of. It inspires confidence in others who are considering working with you. As the saying goes “you’re only as good as your last project”. 

You’ve put hundreds if not thousands of hours into your project — we think you should show it in the best light possible.

Example: Hoffman Corp


The new buyer is the “self-directed buyer”. This buyer makes 70% of their purchasing decision before ever speaking to a real person. This means they are browsing your website, your social media channels, and are probably on your email list. 

Sales videos serve the function of assisting your sales team. Video gives you the power of a 45 minute sales presentation condensed into a highly digestible 3 minute video. 


Nonprofits serve a critical function in society. To continue to serve that function, they need to raise money, share their story, and attract others to support their mission. Fundraising videos invite people into the mission of a nonprofit. Often, video storytelling pieces become the centerpiece of a nonprofit fundraising campaign.

Examples: Northwest Youth Services, DVSAS

Brand Film

Branded films are becoming more and more popular. It’s a way for brands to infuse their ethos and values into a video meant to move and inspire.

Moving away from brash and overtly annoying ads, these videos are films in the sense of championing a cause or idea. They elevate the brand in the mind of the viewer.

Examples: Outdoor Research, Home Depot, Patagonia 

Product Explainer

Product explainer videos highlight a specific product or product line in a fun, memorable, and engaging way. Often, they involve both entertaining and educating the potential customer. People like to know what to expect — the product video functions to assist their customer in the buying journey.

Example: Dr. Squatch, Purple

Case Study

Case study videos showcase your work in an engaging and tanbile way. It gives potential customers a chance to imagine themselves doing business with your brand. When people are thinking of doing business with your brand, they want to know it’ll be a successful outcome. This helps to inspire confidence, because others have gone before. 

Lastly, it gives people a chance to hear directly from your previous customers. What their challenge was, how you delivered, and the resulting success they experienced.

Recent Projects

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