What We Do

In House Content

We assist clients with in house video production and strategy

In House Video Content

We think there’s a time and a place for professional video production (no surprise there).

However, we believe we’re doing our clients a disservice if they only engage with professional video production. There’s an authenticity and off-the-cuff feeling that only in house content can create. As well as we know our clients, they live and breath the daily life of their business.

A fully thought out video strategy considers the impact of professional content combined with in house content, created by your team. We help our clients create an in house content strategy and equip our clients so they can execute it on their own.

Ideation & Pre-Production

Many of our clients know they should be producing video content — they see it working for their competitors and for businesses in other vertices. However, they aren’t sure exactly what to produce for themselves. They often have some vague ideas, but don’t have the experience or bandwidth to

Content Calendar

We help our clients think through an entire year of video production and create a video content calendar. Often, video marketing can be an afterthought. The result is marketing that looks haphazard and thrown together. There’s no rhythm to it, and no continuity. As a result, video isn’t used as powerfully as it could be. By helping our clients create a content calendar, we equip their marketing team to make the most of their video content.

Marketing Analysis

In order to make recommendations, we first need to perform an analysis of your video marketing — goals, production quality, reach, performance and metrics. After performing our analysis, we look at your competition to see how they are leveraging video and where we see opportunities for content creation.

Studio & Equipment

There’s no end to the equipment you could purchase for video production — it’s often overwhelming when you’re just starting out. We help our clients determine what equipment would be nice to have and what’s essential to setting up a professional video studio where they can create their own video content.


We coach our clients on the distribution side of things. Afterall, we want people to watch the videos. We help our clients use their video content to enhance sales and marketing functions. In addition, we discuss thumbnails, meta descriptions, uploading, and measurement. 

Coaching & Training

Lastly, we help to improve upon what our clients are producing. Whenever you start something new, there’s a steep learning curve. We come alongside our clients to make sure their questions are being answered, offer critiques of their work

Client Spotlight: Cornerstone General Contractors

Recruitment & Brand Building

Cornerstone experienced a great problem — crazy growth. They needed a video to speak to their culture of craftsmanship and hard work to attract the right people to join their team.