What We Do

Video Production

We help our clients all stages of video production so they can connect with customers in an authentic and engaging way. The result? Videos people actually want to watch. Videos that achieve results. 


Great videos start with great preparation and planning. Unless you have unlimited budget, (please contact us if you do) it’s important to determine your marketing goals and how those can best be achieved so your budget is spent well.

Around 25% of the work we do takes place before we ever touch our gear. That work consists of determining:

  • Brand voice & message
  • Target audience
  • Filming locations
  • Talent selection / wardrobe
  • Script / storyboard (plus revisions)
  • Music, voiceover, overall tone
  • Production / filming schedule


The plan is in place. The production days are here. This is gonna be fun.

Production days are like a well choreographed dance. What may look chaotic from the outside is full of purpose and intent (most the time, at least). As creatives, we often have a vision which our client won’t fully comprehend until they see the finished product and they have the “ah-ha” moment.

Our philosophy towards production is 85% preparation, and 15% inspiration. We go in with a well considered plan, but leave room for creative spontaneity.

Depending on the project, production can last as few as one day or multiple weeks.


This is where it all comes together.

We take what we’ve filmed during our production days and hit the editing room. This is where we choose the final clips, put them together, the colorist colors the footage, we select music, and finalize a first draft.

The revision process is a back and forth between us and our clients, so you get exactly (hopefully even better than) what you’re looking for. 


An often overlooked yet critical step.

It isn’t enough to throw your video up on YouTube, link it to your website, and call it a day. While that’s an alright start, there are strategies for getting your video seen by the right audience.

It’s why we host a distribution workshop at the end of our engagements so we can walk our clients through exactly how to get their video(s) seen by the right people and have the ability to determine how successful the campaign is. 

Client Spotlight: Cornerstone General Contractors

Recruitment & Brand Building

Cornerstone experienced a great problem — crazy growth. They needed a video to speak to their culture of craftsmanship and hard work to attract the right people to join their team.