Just Tell Your Story! (The Worst Advice)


“Just tell your story!” is some of the worst advice for business growth. 

If you’re in business, you’ve heard this advice from other media companies Maybe even taken the advice of whoever told you that “telling your story” would lead to business growth. 

Here’s the problemo: telling your story doesn’t work. It won’t lead to business growth, and it certainly won’t lead to more sales. Yet video companies keep promising it will. 

Why doesn’t telling your story work? Well, no one cares about your story, that’s why. Why should they? Customers don’t care about why your grandfather started the company. 


Your Customers Story


So, what should companies and businesses do? At Flannel Media, we encourage our clients to refrain from talking about their story — instead, they should talk about the customers story. How does your product or service make your customers life better? How does it help them become a better version of themselves? How does it improve their relationships? Their health? 

When businesses move away from talking about themselves, and instead focus on their customers, amazing things start to happen.